What is aromatherapy?

It is a natural treatment that uses the concentrated herbal energies in essential oils from herbs, flowers, trees and fruits in association with holistic massage, inhalation, compresses and baths.

It is a holistic treatment and can help to combat a wide range of physical and emotional problems. It has been shown to be effective not only in the treatment of stress-related conditions, but also with muscular, circulatory, respiratory, digestive and skin problems.

Aromatherapy full body massage

This holistic massage involves the use of pure essential oils which are blended into a carrier oil. The oils are chosen to suit the specific needs of the client, the treatment includes massage of the face and head promoting a state of complete relaxation and well-being.

1 hour £45.00

Aromatherapy back massage

This massage is ideal for people with extreme tension in the neck, shoulders and lower back, this massage includes the use of deep tissue massage techniques and lymphatic drainage. Excellent for easing away muscle fatigue.

½ hour £30.00

Aromatherapy facial

Using products from the Organic Botanical skin care range.

A deeply relaxing bespoke facial designed to suit your individual skin needs, using the purest essential oils and natural plant extracts. These are applied with specific massage techniques, which increase the circulation to restore and re-condition the skin, leaving the complexion smooth and luminous.

1 hour £45.00

9 Most frequently asked questions about Aromatherapy

What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy, as the name suggests, is an age-old practice of healing bodily imbalances and disorders using essential oils extracted from botanical sources and their wonderful aroma.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are botanical products that may be obtained from different parts of a plant such as flower, seed, bark, leaf, root, sap or fruit. Plant oils are extracted through a lengthy process called steam distillation that requires specialized equipment and expertise. These oils are believed to contain the medicinal and therapeutic properties of plants in extremely concentrated forms.

How does it work?

Essential oils are volatile, which means they evaporate quickly when exposed to air. Vaporized droplets of these oils are inhaled into the lungs from where they make their way into the blood stream. In case of massage, they may be absorbed into the skin along with carrier oils. Essential oils are known to act upon specific body organs or systems and may produce noticeable physical, psychological and emotional effects.

Why aromatherapy?

While aromatherapy cannot be used as a substitute for conventional medicines, many users have reported positive effects in terms of wellbeing and holistic healing. When used under proper guidance, essential oils can complement medical treatment and in some cases, even speed up the healing process. Either way, there is nothing to lose!

How soon can I expect results?

Since aromatherapy is a completely natural and organic mode of treatment, it may not produce instant results. The healing process is gradual, multi-faceted and holistic. The outcome of aromatherapy will largely depend on the nature and degree of the health problem, lifestyle factors and individual response.

Is aromatherapy safe for me?

It is recommended that each new client is booked in for a free consultation. This gives you the client the opportunity to go through a detailed consultation form and ask questions about the concerns you may have prior to receiving a treatment. Essential oils, when used as indicated, can be safe to use even on children and pets. They should however, never be ingested or applied directly on the skin and around the eyes. Some essential oils should be avoided during pregnancy or by those with asthma, epilepsy, or with other health conditions.

Can I have an Aromatherapy massage when pregnant?

Yes you can have an aromatherapy massage during pregnancy however, it is a special time that requires a little more consideration before any treatment can be given. It is really important to have a free consultation beforehand in order to build a treatment plan tailor made to suit you as an individual.

How can aromatherapy benefit me?

Essential oils are known to affect the mind and body in profound ways. Some oils may have a relaxing effect while others are energizing and stimulating. Some may detoxify the body while others may help restore hormonal balance. Essential oils may be used in everyday routines to help you feel fresh, cheerful, energized and healthy.

What are carrier oils?

A carrier oil is an oil that is used as a base to dilute essential oils before they are applied to the skin for use in massage. Each carrier oil has its own therapeutic value and are rich in vitamins. Here are three examples of carrier oils.

Sweet almond oil (not suitable for people who are allergic to nuts) contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, E. Benefits all skin types – especially dry, sensitive.

Apricot kernel oil is high in fatty acids and vitamins A, C, and E. Benefits all skin types including sensitive and aging skin, particularly good for treatment of babies and young children.

Grape seed oil is good for all skin types however, is not particularly high in nutrients.

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