If you or a loved one is suffering from anger management issues in Plymouth, rest assured you are not alone. The British Association of Anger Management indicates that thirty-two percent of adults report having a close friend or family member with anger management issues, while twelve percent of adults admit to having trouble controlling their own anger. Anger management problems can be serious and always affect more than just the individual. Family and social relations can be irreparably torn apart, and in the worst cases an out-of-control episode may even erupt into domestic violence and harm inflicted on the individual’s loved ones. Although it may seem that there is nowhere to turn and nothing to be done to help, this is not the case. Horizon Counselling Plymouth is staffed with top counsellors and therapists expertly trained in working through even the most severe cases of anger management in Plymouth.

Signs that you may need to seek help for your anger

Sometimes the line between appropriate anger and an anger management issue can be blurry. Anger is a perfectly natural emotion, but when it begins to illicit reactions that have negative impacts on those around you and affects your daily life, it is time to seek help with the management of these reactions. Some of the signs that an anger management intervention is needed can include:

  • Engaging in frequent arguments with those in your life, especially when they frequently erupt into shouting matches
  • Feeling as though you are constantly “holding in” your anger to stop it erupting out of you
  • Often becoming irrationally angry over small things that are out of your control
  • Refraining from or engaging in the perceived need to hurt others either physically or verbally in your anger
  • Breaking things, slamming doors, feeling as though you need to hit someone or something or engage in some other form of physical violence
  • Having trouble getting your anger back under control once it erupts out of you
  • Experiencing impacts of your anger in your personal life through tension, anxiety, isolation, self-harm, or substance abuse

While those experiencing issues with anger management may experience some, none, or all of these signs, it is important to critically evaluate yourself in order to know when to seek help. Even if you feel that your anger problems are not critical, it is never too early to reach out for an intervention.  

How Horizon can help with anger management in Plymouth

The goal of counselling is not to make you never feel angry again. Anger management cases stem from just that—improper management of anger that has grown to impact the individual and those around him or her. Horizon Plymouth’s expert counsellors will be able to help you with proper techniques for working through the root of your anger as well as reframing how it builds up and manifests itself in your life. Often this entails getting to the root of what might be contributing to your uncontrollable anger, and Horizon counsellors can help you identify and deal with these areas in your life.

Ultimately, anger management counselling at Horizon Plymouth will allow you to reframe the way you think about and express your anger so that you are able to manage these feelings in a much healthier manner. Out-of-control anger, even episodes that aren’t violent or explosive, still wreak havoc on an individual’s lifestyle, mental health, social life, and relationships. It is important to seek help in order to restore a sense of balance and control to your life so that you can develop the necessary skills for coping with your anger and managing yourself in previously triggering situations.

If you think that you might benefit from counselling for anger management in Plymouth, reach out to set up an appointment with a counsellor and get started on your journey towards peace and healing in order to minimise the damages associated with unchecked anger. With appointments available almost immediately, there is no need to wait months to be seen with Horizon Plymouth, and our expert counsellors are ready to assist you.

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