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Although anxiety is never pleasant to experience, occasional bouts are very normal. However, sometimes people experience feelings of anxiety that can become overwhelming and begin to impact their daily life. Whether you experience frequent panic attacks, have a diagnosed anxiety disorder, or simply feel out of control in your day-to-day life, it is crucial that you seek help in order to begin to achieve a measure of relief. In these instances, counselling and other forms of interventions can help tremendously, and the expert counsellors and therapists at Horizon Plymouth are ready to help you take that first step towards recovery.

How to tell when your anxiety is severe?

Anxiety itself is fairly common—in fact, 6 in 100 people in England are diagnosed with generalised anxiety disorder every week. However, it’s prevalence does not mean that you should feel as though severe anxiety is normal. There is relief and help for anxiety management available through Horizon in Plymouth. But how do you know what’s normal and when you should seek help?

The first indication that your anxiety is severe and may require outside help is when your worries and nerves surrounding situations persist over a lengthy period of time. In some cases they may worsen for no apparent reason, eventually culminating in panic attacks or the development of phobias. When your anxiety becomes so severe that your daily life and relationships are impacted, it is vital that you seek help for anxiety management in order to regain control of your life and mental wellbeing, although ideally you would begin well before this point.

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Types of anxiety

Not all anxiety is equal, and not all lived experiences of those with anxiety are the same by any means. If your anxiety is severe enough, you might be diagnosed with an anxiety disorder such as:

  • Generalised anxiety disorder: Feelings of anxiety or worry that are constant and do not abate, sometimes accompanied by an ominous feeling of general dread for the future. Your anxiety may be directed at any element of your life, from finances to relationships, and you may experience a decreased quality of life as a result.
  • Panic disorder: Frequent, severe panic attacks that usually occur suddenly with no perceived trigger. Panic attacks can include sweating, rapid breathing, elevated heart rate, and intense feelings of dread that impact your life.
  • Social anxiety disorder: Anxiety directed at social situations and stemming from a fear of being judged or perceived negatively. The resulting avoidance of social situations drastically impacts relationships and quality of life.

At Horizon Plymouth our expert staff is highly knowledgeable of the variations and differences in anxiety disorders and is ready to provide you with individualised counselling sessions that can help you take that first step towards managing your anxiety, whether you have a diagnosed disorder or not.  

How can Horizon Plymouth help with anxiety?

Although medication is a common element of treatment for anxiety disorders, behavioural treatment—whether administered in conjunction with medication or as a primary course of action—remains one of the most effective methods for management of anxiety. At Horizon Plymouth our counsellors are expertly trained in talking therapies and cognitive behavioural therapies that can help anyone working through feelings of anxiety, be they mild or severe. Counsellors trained in CBT can help you reframe negative thinking patterns and get to the root of your anxiety in an individualised session personalised just for you. The most important thing is that you know that help is available for you in Plymouth if you are struggling with anxiety, no matter how severe.

Reach out today and schedule an appointment with a counsellor at Horizon Plymouth so you can prioritize your mental health and begin to experience relief from the symptoms of anxiety at last.

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