Coping with feelings of grief after a loss is an incredibly difficult time in anyone’s life, and is something that nobody should have to deal with alone, which is why Horizon Counselling offers Bereavement Counselling in Plymouth in order to help you navigate the feelings associated with loss. Grief affects everyone in different ways, and it might even affect the same person differently from day to day. This is what makes it such a hard emotion to battle, and why those experiencing difficulties with symptoms and mental health following a loss should consider bereavement counselling. One of the most important things to remember is that you are not alone, and you are not the first person to feel these feelings. Overwhelmingly powerful grief, known clinically as complicated grief, affects between ten and fifteen percent of those who have suffered a loss, and at least forty percent of grievers experience an episode of major depression in the months following their loss. Although these feelings may be overwhelming and suffocating, help is available. Horizon’s expert counsellors can help you through our sessions specifically focused on bereavement counselling in Plymouth.

Symptoms of bereavement

It is important to remember that the experience of grief is not universal. Feelings of grief often come in waves, with powerful emotions springing up seemingly out of nowhere. Horizon’s bereavement counselling in Plymouth can help you work through the most common symptoms of grief, as well as any others that may be impacting your recovery and mental health.

  • Shock/numbness: These feelings generally predominate immediately following the loss as you begin to mentally process what has happened.
  • Sadness/depression: The feelings of sadness associated with bereavement are often overwhelming and make you feel out of control of your own emotions.
  • Exhaustion: Bereavement symptoms take a significant toll on your body as you process the tremendous emotions associated with loss, often resulting in crushing exhaustion.
  • Anger or guilt: Many people feel angry about the circumstances of their loss, or guilty about the things that they did not say or do, and these feelings can eat you up inside if not properly worked through with a counsellor.

Managing bereavement

The most effective way to help work through the feelings associated with your loss, especially if they are overwhelming you, is to receive bereavement counselling through Horizon Plymouth. Talking to someone about your experiences and feelings can help you process your emotions, and Horizon’s expert counsellors will be able to guide you in working through your bereavement. Progress often comes slowly, as grief is a profound emotion, and having someone to help you navigate those feelings is crucial. Other grief management tactics include:

  • Talking with a friend or family member outside of your counselling sessions
  • Working on your sleep schedule to combat feelings of exhaustion and mental fatigue
  • Joining a support group for those coping with grief
  • Refraining from isolating yourself, either mentally or socially, and reminding yourself that you are not alone
  • Remembering that progress comes slowly, and the waves of sadness that you are feeling are not permanent and will abate with time

These strategies will help you cope with the often-suffocating waves of grief that come with a devastating loss, but it is important to seek help to find the coping methods that will best facilitate internal healing. Bereavement counselling in Plymouth through Horizon will help you work through the stages of grief in order to heal and become an active participant in your life once again. Our counsellors understand the complex feelings associated with grief and are willing and able to work with you for as long as necessary on your individual journey. With sessions available right away without the months-long wait times, reach out to Horizon Plymouth in order to schedule a bereavement counselling session and get started on your journey to recovery as soon as possible.

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