Building Emotional Connection In A Relationship – Having a satisfying and long-lasting relationship is something we can all enjoy, and it has many health benefits, these relationships can be with a partner, friends or family. By being loving and supportive, you can keep your foundation strong and build your dreams for the future. Here are some ways to help make that happen. By being loving and supportive, you can keep your foundation strong.

  1. Be nice to each other.

For the majority of couples that come to therapy, this is their first homework a therapist may give them, and for the majority of times this always helps in a significant way. If you’ve been at odds with each other for a while, then you have probably stopped doing nice things for one another, because you just can’t see the point, more often than not a couple will fall into the habit of well he or she doesn’t do that for me so why then should I bother. Try things like opening doors, making nice meals, and saying, “I love you.” Or other words of appreciation and see what and where it brings you.

  1. Find little things to do that make your partner smile.

Every day, look for something to make your partner smile. It can be a something small like a key ring for instance, or a flower, or even a quote that you’ve seen that reminds them of you, just something to make him/her know that you’ve been thinking about them and holding them close to your heart.

  1. Let go of the little things that bug you about your partner.

The best way to do this is to say to yourself that those behaviours do not take anything away from your relationship and to let your resentment go. A conversation may be needed, but it can be kept light, and most things can be easily resolved. For example, if your partner likes the TV louder than you do, get a pair of wireless headphones. You will both be happier, and the sound is actually much better.

  1. Never argue in front of the kids.

The greatest gift parents can give their children is to have a good relationship with each other. When you argue, your children can become very anxious about what will happen to the family and to them especially if they are very young, to see or hear you arguing is incredibly distressing for them. Also never use the “D word” (divorce); it is far too threatening and toxic.

  1. Look for the good things that your partner does.

Some people go on a detective-like search for things that their partners do wrong, maybe because they want some ammo for the next time they have an argument, but telling your partner what he or she is doing right may well prevent that imaginary issue from ever coming up.

  1. Never blame, shame, or complain.

It’s easy to point fingers and voice your disappointment, but before you do, ask yourself how what you are about to say will make your partner feel. Will it make things better? Invariably the answer here is mostly if not always NO.  A much more effective approach is to tell your partner you’d really like it if he or she did some things in a different way and offer some solid examples, not done in such a way as to be critical, but always in a nice way, you might be very surprised with the outcome.

  1. Leave love notes.

You would be really surprised on how effective this is. When your partner reaches into their pocket or handbag and finds a piece of paper that says “Love you,” it brightens up their day, and will make them feel better about themselves. Keeping a note from your partner in your wallet or purse can help bring a smile to your face because of its meaning and the memory of when you received it. Reminding your partner of your unwavering affection is very powerful and will provide the lift they need to get through another day at the office or of taking care of the family.

  1. Cuddle often.

Going to bed together, holding hands, and snuggling on the sofa are just a few of the ways you can physically connect, and all of these will help to deepen your emotional bond. If your partner wants to go to bed early, and you still want to stay up, lie down together until your partner falls asleep, and then you can get back up and do whatever you wanted to do. This will mean so much to them just thinking of how you have done this just for them.

  1. Have dinner as a family whenever possible.

Again, this is one of the best ways to help your kids become good adults, and it brings everyone closer. In addition, getting a relative (brother/sister/parents to baby sit and then having a romantic dinner on date nights for just the two of you is also a must, and is something that a therapist may recommend a couple to does.

  1. Trust that you are with the right person.

When you doubt that the person you are with is right for you, you will be unable to put the right kind of energy into the relationship. Even if you’ve hit a rough patch, seeing that you choose wisely will make resolving issues easier and life as a couple more enjoyable.

There are plenty of other things you can do to strengthen the bond between you. Start with these, actually, start with the first one and see how you get on and then incorporating the others will be easy, not all of these are going to work for you and if they don’t then don’t threat just practice the ones that do and enjoy getting closer again.

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