We provide bespoke coaching services to companies and individuals.
Coaching and training employees in the worksplace can provide benefits which include

Lower absenteeism

Mutual Trust

Improved confidence and communication

Productivity Benefits

Staff Retention

Improved Employee Engagement

With the growing emphasis on improving employees morale and boosting productivity, coaching and training
employees in the workplace is rapidly becoming standard practice.


Horizon Counselling Service has expertise in the provision of health and wellbeing training and consultancy. We can advise on the most appropriate type of training to achieve your desired outcomes.

Our consultancy services can provide help with the following:

  • Health and wellbeing training
  • Educational & Training to employees
  • Health & Lifestyle advice and guidance
  • Provision of talking therapies to employees
  • Providing resilience courses
  • Dealing with Organisational Change
  • Mindfulness coaching
  • Managing stress and anxiety in employees
  • Stress awareness training

We can assist your company in designing appropriate solutions which will make a real difference. Often, simple things can be overlooked and misunderstood, and having the experts at Horizon implement positive solutions can positively impact your workplace environment.


There is evidence that many employees do not feel that there is enough support available for them and a large number are not aware of any support being provided by their employer at all!

This evidence tells us that businesses must give greater thought to how they support their employees’ mental health. Useful ways to demonstrate this include flexible working initiatives, trained mental health first-aiders, and sanctioned mental health days.

Horizon can help provide:

  • Personal talking therapies
  • Retained counsellors providing support to all company employees
  • Information and training to management around mental health and wellbeing
  • Bespoke awareness training
  • Advice and guidance
  • Training in mindfulness and stress management
  • Resilience training

Deciding to visit Horizon Counselling Services is definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made. Alan’s holistic approach to therapy was extremely helpful. He used a combination of hypnotherapy and counselling to help me with insomnia and anxiety. My life has been completely transformed since accessing this support. I have moved on from a destructive relationship, and I am pursuing my dream career….and I actually sleep! Amazing! Alan’s approach is warm and friendly. He is a great guy who is passionate about what he does. I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone thinking of exploring counselling.


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