Changing our health and wellbeing

During my work as a therapist I encounter a lot of different people from all areas of life. We all struggle at times in our lives and this can be from circumstances that are beyond our control.
I have always attempted to encourage the people I share my life with to look after themselves and this can cover a lot of areas. When we become ill, we head to the pharmacist or the doctors, toothache it’s the dentist, accidents and serious illnesses its the hospital etc etc. One thing we do sometimes overlook is that all these things can be connected to our overall health and wellbeing.

If we are not looking after our body and mind, physically and emotionally we can create problems that on the surface do not seem to be connected but at different stages can be linked back to finding it difficult to care for ourselves in the right way.
I have come to realise during my work that when things are difficult, and we are encountering stress, anxiety, negative thoughts and feelings etc in our lives from all different areas which could include for example illness, relationship issues, employment and satisfaction with our lives. We begin to lose focus on our overall health and wellbeing and our perception of our problems begin to increase.

I too can acknowledge that I have fallen into this trap and struggled to lift myself out of the ever-increasing perception of my negative thoughts and feelings. I notice that when negative events or circumstances happen to me and I allow them to increase by adding to these situations my own overthinking or anxiety, I can lose focus on what I need to do to help me through these times.
I run a busy practice and with all the stress and worry of running a small business as well as looking after my family it can feel difficult to find the time to spend on me and my own needs can slide down the list of priorities as other things are moved up it. I appreciate that a lot of this is life and the up and down of everyday events but by caring for myself and ensuring that I am eating properly or regularly for that matter, spending enough time relaxing, exercising and enjoying my life in general whether that’s on holidays or a coffee with a friend.

But by not attempting to ensure that these things are as balanced as they can be, my resilience to dealing with the external events and circumstances can be lessened. Over the next few weeks I will be sharing with you how I have changed my thinking which has led to changing my health and wellbeing, I will tell you the ups and downs and the struggles I encounter on the way. It will just be a personal reflection of this time of my life and I hope it can encourage people to think more about themselves and their own health and wellbeing.

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