Cost of mental health counselling – Maintaining your mental health is just as important as keeping your physical body in top working order—if not more so. Your mental health is what allows you to get up in the morning, form impactful relationships with those around you, and receive meaning and enjoyment out of daily interactions. At Horizon Plymouth, we see individuals across the lifespan and from incredibly diverse backgrounds struggle with their mental health, and we know first-hand what a toll it can take on the individual, their family, friends, and even their work. But what is the true cost of mental health, and why should we be paying more attention to reducing these costs? 

What is the public cost of mental health?

Mental health problems are classified as the largest single cause of disability in the UK—a fact that surprises many people, as mental health conditions are often unseen due to the stigma that that many people feel upon diagnosis. According to a recent report published by the Mental Health Foundation and the London School of Economics and Political Science called “The Economic Case for Investing in the Prevention of Mental Health Conditions in the UK,” the UK spends close to £118 billion every year on mental health problems. This mind-boggling number is almost five per cent of the entire nation’s gross domestic product, and seventy-two per cent of that cost is incurred due to lost productivity and unpaid informal caregivers. If care is taken to prevent, diagnose, and treat mental health conditions before they become debilitating and disabling, these costs on society and the government could drastically decrease. 

What is the personal cost of mental health counselling?

But impaired mental health has more costs than just the government—much more. The impacts of impaired mental health can be felt most acutely and most importantly by the individuals who are dealing with the effects. Depression and anxiety disorders cause individuals to become socially isolated, lacking the energy to leave their homes or even go to work or social events. Burnout causes lost productivity, motivation, and unhappiness within the professional world. Panic and mood disorders fracture relationships and leave individuals feeling afraid and confused. Eating disorders and body dysmorphia leave individuals feeling alone in a body that they dislike. And all disorders can wreak havoc on the body’s physical health. No matter the diagnosis—or even whether or not there is a formal diagnosis at all—mental health problems do not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, gender, wealth, or circumstance. However, despite its enormous prevalence, mental health disorders are often silent afflictions that people feel they must struggle with alone. 

It is important to know that, no matter what you are struggling with, you do not have to bear the personal costs alone. Speaking with a licensed counsellor can help you to understand what is going on in your mind and actively work towards recovery. However, the prevention of mental health issues in the first place is just as key. If you feel that something is off, it is important to seek help before further issues arise. Horizon Plymouth knows a thing or two about treating mental health disorders. Whether you have already been diagnosed, or are just looking for someone to speak with, our experienced team can help advise you on how best to regain control of your mental health and continue to lead a fulfilling, happy life where you are not hindered from doing the things that are important to you. Protect your mental health just as fiercely as you would your physical health—contact Horizon Plymouth today to schedule your initial consultation.

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