Do Therapists Deserve Credit? Therapy can be one of the most rewarding professions due to the relationships built with our clients and the immense changes that we often get to witness in their lives. It can sometimes seem miraculous to watch a client learn about themselves and transform so greatly under your guidance. However, many therapists often wonder: how much of these changes can I even take credit for? Sometimes it can feel like you aren’t even doing that much, because in the end the client is the one who really must do the hard work to change their lifestyles or ways of thinking.

However, while the hard work of the client cannot be discounted, don’t be afraid to be proud of yourself for all the lives that you have changed through your practice. A good therapist is able to build a safe, comfortable, professional relationship with their clients and can use this relationship to guide them through whatever struggles or personal obstacles that they may be dealing with. In this way, it truly is your skills as a counsellor that allow you to foster a therapeutic relationship that results in personal growth for your client. Although we know that true change takes hard work on the part of both parties, don’t be afraid to be proud of what you have accomplished and the work that you do changing the lives of your clients. Here are some reasons why we at Horizon Counselling Plymouth believe that you deserve at least some of the credit for the amazing changes you have observed in clients!

  • Getting clients to come out of their shell is hard work: Knowing when to push the boundaries of what they are comfortable with and when to hold back to prevent a breakdown of trust takes real skill and years of practice.
  • Withholding judgement: Our clients have often been through the most extreme ups and downs of life and can sometimes feel uncomfortable sharing those details for fear of judgement. Trust is built once the client realizes that your office is a safe space free of judgement.
  • Creating a safe space: A lot goes into creating a space where your client feels comfortable enough to talk about things that they cannot discuss anywhere else. This doesn’t just happen automatically, and it certainly takes some real skill and intentionality on your part! It goes beyond mood lighting and cheerful plants and includes your body language as well as nonverbal or unconscious indicators of safety and security.
  • Giving your clients the time that they need: Healing the body and mind is a very long process, but it is one that counsellors are specially trained in facilitating. As a therapist, you know how to give your clients time to come to terms with changes and challenges, while also encouraging to give themselves that same time and forgiveness.

Even though it is natural to wonder if you can really take credit for all the amazing changes that happen to the clients that you work so hard for each and every day, at Horizon Plymouth we know that these changes are not accidents or coincidences. Although the client certainly works hard, without your skilled guidance and the safety of the relationship that emerges, these changes would likely be much more difficult!

At Horizon Counselling Plymouth, we believe in encouraging and supporting our fellow therapists, whether it be by supporting business ventures or discussing the hard questions with each other. Our services include regular supervision essential for your ethical practice and commitment to your regulatory association and your clients. We also offer business coaching to enable you to build and run your successful practice.

If you would like more information about the opportunities offered by Horizon Plymouth, please do not hesitate to visit our website and blog or reach out to us directly for more information.

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