Professional Fatigue – How Counselling Can Help You

Professional Fatigue – How Counselling Can Help You. In today’s fast-paced work environment, the phenomenon of professional fatigue is becoming more and more widespread. Also known as burnout, professional fatigue results when an individual no longer feels satisfied by their work and is overcome by overwhelming feelings of exhaustion, confusion, and even apathy. High ranking individuals such as managers and business owners are often at risk for these feelings of burnout due to the fast pace and unyielding nature of their job and responsibilities.

Because the exact cause of professional fatigue is unknown, it can be hard to predict who will experience it. However, some factors that increase your risk of professional burnout include:

  • A lack of a support system in the workplace
  • Overworking or stretching yourself too thin
  • No control over the day-to-day aspects of your work life
  • Dysfunctional or toxic social dynamics within the workplace

Fortunately, there are actions that you can take to mitigate the effects of professional fatigue and once again experience joy and fulfilment in your work life.

What professional fatigue might look like

Every individual is going to experience the symptoms of burnout and professional fatigue slightly differently. However, no matter how it presents, the signs of professional fatigue often feel crushing, overwhelming, and impossible to overcome. Some indications that you might be feeling severe burnout include:

  • Loss of productivity, drive, or motivation to work
  • Irritability and impatience with co-workers, especially with no identifiable cause
  • Changing sleep or eating habits—including insomnia, loss of appetite, or binge eating
  • Wandering mind and difficulty concentrating
  • Physiological symptoms such as gastrointestinal changes or headaches

These are just some of the initial effects of professional fatigue. Dealing with the psychological burden of burnout long-term can lead to chronic health issues such as anxiety, depression, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Seeking counselling as way to provide relief and even resolution from the symptoms can assist greatly with mitigating these effects.

How is it hurting your business?

Although it might seem that the best thing to do to grow your business is put in as much work as possible, this is actually one of the major contributing factors to professional fatigue. Professionals dealing with burnout experience drastic decreases to their productivity, hurting the bottom line of the business itself and costing the establishment in lost time. Because the joy and satisfaction in a job well done is absent, the work that is completed is often unimaginative and of a subpar quality. This is not the fault of the individual. Often, they are frustrated with and confused by their feelings of apathy and are overwhelmed by stress and fatigue. Identifying the individuals who are at risk for burnout (even if that individual is you) in order to offer productive help and solutions can save businesses time and money while encouraging a welcoming work environment.

What can I do about it?

The good news is that—despite how overwhelming and all-consuming professional fatigue can feel—help is available for you. The expert counsellors at Horizon have years of experience treating victims of professional fatigue in the Plymouth area, and we are here to help you too. We recognise that, despite the umbrella term and characteristics, each individual case of professional fatigue is unique, which is why we work together to find a solution that will work for you. Finding support, identifying relaxation techniques, engaging in cognitive behaviour therapy, and practicing mindfulness are all ways that the professionals at Horizon Plymouth can help to mitigate the crushing effects of professional fatigue. If you or someone you know can relate to these scenarios, reach out to Horizon Plymouth today to begin seeking clarity and mental wellbeing.

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