Hello my name is Jacob,

I am currently on placement at Horizon, and having been on my own therapeutic journey I know what it feels like to turn to someone for help and to feel the need to reach out to someone in a therapeutic setting. It can be daunting but my commitment to you is to provide a safe space free from judgement or prejudice that allows you to delve deeper into your own inner workings.

I was drawn to counselling as a young man of 23 by a stubborn belief that no matter what we’ve done or what has happened in our past as well as any negative beliefs that we may have surrounding ourselves, there is vast amounts of positivity and virtue within all of us if we but care to nurture it. I believe in counselling as an authentic and effective method to do just that and that is where my passion and drive to pursue this specific career path has come from.

I have the ability to be intuitive and empathic and my goal is to walk with you through your own inner journey and provide that therapeutic connection that I believe can play such a vital role in gaining clarity and awareness of self that can aid us in every walk of life as we move forward. If you feel like the time has come for you to embark on this journey for yourself then it would be my honour to facilitate that therapeutic journey and I very much look forward to meeting you.