Hello, I’m Louise. I am very excited to be part of the team at Horizon Counselling Services.

After training and working as a Samaritan I decided that I wanted to have longer term contact with clients; to follow them up and invest in a relationship with them. This enabled me to make the decision to train as a counsellor and I have not looked back since.

Having benefited myself from psychotherapy and counselling I know how valuable it is to have a safe space and I have worked hard to create this for my clients. I offer a non-judgmental approach where your voice can be heard and, through our developing relationship, you can learn more about your needs and relationships. This is a space where you can put aside the roles you fulfil and the expectations others have of you, where you can explore what it feels like to be you without any demands. It’s also a held space where your emotions can be taken in and understood.

I draw upon a range of counselling modalities including Person Centred and Gestalt and I am informed by many theories including Existential, Object Relations and Attachment. None of these are prescriptive and my focus will be on you, your needs, and your particular way of being in the world.

I truly recognise the difficulty in reaching out for help and am always in admiration of the courage it takes to do so. If you feel able, I look forward to the opportunity of being with you on your own personal journey.