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  1. Doctors surgeries under pressure

    Our doctors surgeries are now dealing with more and more mental health appointments below is some information taken from an EAP website after a survey from the charity Mind.
    The importance of our mental health is thankfully better recognised and there is support out there for people and companies who are finding things difficult.
    My advice is to look at what is available in your local area and then talk to everyone concerned to ensure you are getting the right support and service for your needs.
    Ask questions, check on experience and the knowledge before deciding.

    40% of GP appointments now involve mental health
    A survey of more than 1,000 GPs conducted by mental health charity Mind has revealed that two in three GPs (66%) say the proportion of patients needing help with their mental health has increased in the last 12 months. In the light of these results, the charity is calling for better mental health training for GPs as four out of five doctors surveyed agreed there should be a wider range of options for mental health training.
    “It will also be important to increase awareness among GPs about the services provided by EAPs so that they can encourage patients, where appropriate, to check if they have access to such provision and support services via their employer. This type of joined-up approach is crucial in helping us to better address and support mental health and ensure conversations start as early as possible,” said Neil Mountford, chair, EAPA UK.
    “This latest survey again highlights the need for employers to recognise mental health in the same way they do physical health. Actively addressing mental health in this way will benefit businesses financially by reducing the costs associated with absenteeism and presenteeism and reputationally as they are recognised as a caring and ethical employer. EAPs have a significant preventative role to play and we urge employers to work with their providers to raise awareness about the services and support on offer,” he said.

    Written by Vicky Mulchinock on June 7, 2018.