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  1. How often do you hear these words?

    How often do you reach out for help only to hear sorry we are closed or there is no one available. We live in a 24hour society now where everything can happen at the click of a button and we have grown used to an instant response. Should our mental health be any different? Why cant we access the services we need at a time that convenient to ourselves. At Horizon we are always looking at ways to improve how people can access our services. We pride ourselves in being as responsive as possible and limiting the time that people have to wait for see someone.

    We have recently launched a Saturday service which enables people to come at weekends, we offer late evening appointments again so people can come after work etc and we are in the process of opening different offices to cut down on a persons travel time and make our premises more accessible to people who struggle with mobility.

    We are always keen to hear from people and listen to suggestions about how we can improve and enhance their time with us. What about you? Do you have any ideas or suggestions? Would you like more information about the services we offer? Why not contact us at we would love to hear from you.