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  1. Our Physical health is important.

    We are exciting to announce our great new service which will help people access the support they need to assist in their physical and nutritional health needs.
    We understand the importance for the people we support in looking after all elements of our health. So we have a brand new collaboration with Louis from The Lemon Frog Fitness Company right here in Plymouth. Louis has the appropriate expertise in looking after you physical and nutritional health needs and has a fantastic down to earth and positive approach that enables people of all capabilities access the correct support to help them with their fitness targets or pain management.

    Over the next few months Louis will be training Alan who is one of our therapists and he will be blogging and posting the results and how he is finding the overall experience.
    Alan will be letting you follow his progress via the news page on the horizon site, twitter and facebook. Alan will be giving an honest and frank account of how he is finding the training and what benefits he is feeling from the sessions with Louis.

    So please check out the posts over the next couple of months.