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  1. Our support for our fantastic Armed forces.

    Whatever your political views and social values and opinions are, I would encourage you to show support for our armed forces. Yes what they stand for might be against your morals and values but they are involved in so much more than armed warfare. They undertake humanitarian aid, help mediate between warring factions, provide support and supplies for those in need and help in the war on drugs just to name a few. They do so much that goes unnoticed by ourselves and the media and they go about it quietly and with dignity not asking for thanks and recognition.

    They are rarely recognised for this type of work yet day after day they are sent into areas and situations that are dangerous and extremely stressful all around the world, whilst being separated from their families and loved ones with the hope that the work they do will make the world and life a better place for everyone.

    Horizon counselling are pleased to support our amazing armed forces and their families, we understand how difficult it can be to be separated from loved ones and experience stressful and dangerous situations.

    We thank each and everyone of you and your families for the courage and bravery that you show. We are proud to have signed the armed forces covenant to show our support for both serving and ex-forces personnel and their families.

    Its at this time of year we honour and give thanks to those who sacrificed their lives to give us the freedom in our lives today, but we encourage you to also give thanks to each and everyone of our armed forces personnel and families who still give so much today and each and everyday.

    We will remember them.

    Thank you each and everyone of you.