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  1. Part 3 of our health and wellbeing series

    Part 3
    Week one
    This blog is about the first week of my training with Louis at the Lemon Frog fitness. If you have read my previous posts about our overall health and wellbeing you will know that I am encouraging people to understand that their health and wellbeing covers all aspects of their lives and not certain parts of it. As a therapist I can only help a person to a certain extent, I can support you in looking after your emotional needs and how your mental health copes with the stresses and strains of everyday life, but your own health and wellbeing covers much more than that.

    This isn’t about me telling you that you should do this or that, this is about me encouraging people to think about themselves and take care of themselves in the right way so that they can avoid as much as possible things that have a negative impact in their lives. I too used to underestimate the importance of eating the right foods, socializing, exercising and sleeping in the right way. If we are not aware of these things, then it can affect how we deal and experience events in our lives possibly leading to you using medical services or services like mine more often.

    I have started the 10-week training with Louis to highlight to people the affects that all this can have on anyone and to explain to people how I have found it and the results of this training and knew knowledge on me and my health.
    So here goes week one, first session
    As with all things that we are unsure about the first time I attended Louis’s gym there was some apprehension around what I would be doing and even though I had met louis several times before how he was going to be as a personal trainer. I had the stereotypical sergeant major image in my mind of someone barking orders at me. However, Louis took the time to ask what I wanted to achieve from the sessions, how I saw my levels of fitness at that moment, any injuries or medical complaints I was experiencing or had previously encountered and my diet as it was at that point.

    He then took me through some warm up exercises explaining the value of stretching etc rather than just going into a gym and starting to exercise. He showed me every exercise by demonstrating the movement himself and then asked me to copy the move etc as he made suggestions on how I could improve on my position or the stretch to obtain the maximum benefit. After that he took me through a series of exercises once again explaining each step and movement testing and checking my responses and fitness levels at each step. Before we once again went through a stretching exercise routine at the end to cool down and help protect my body and muscles.

    As this was the initial assessment, I hadn’t really expected the information and direction that Louis had given me, I was impressed by his approach and his style of teaching. As I have said before I have used different gyms at different times in my life and on the whole the people on the desk tend to stay behind it, so I have never realised the little mistakes that I have been making which could have contributed to small injuries etc and me losing the enthusiasm for continuing.

    I left the gym feeling positive and having learnt a lot, felt hopeful of being able to make the changes I want to my fitness and health. Also realising how important it is to get the support of experts when dealing with your health and wellbeing.