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  1. Part 4 in changing your health and wellbeing

    This is part 4 of our health and wellbeing blog discussing me making changes to my fitness and diet with the support and encouragement of Louis from Lemon frog fitness.

    If you haven’t read any of the previous blogs, then maybe take some time and take a read. So here is this week’s blog with five things I have noticed so far.
    As the weeks go by very quickly, I am now in week three! I have noticed certain things

    1. The enthusiasm of the first few weeks is wearing off as the workouts get a little harder, so I am glad that I have made a commitment to these sessions and allowed the time in my diary. I feel that this has been one of the areas before where I have struggled when its cold and raining or work is busy it was easy for me to say I will go to the gym later.
    Having the commitment of an appointment has encouraged me to turn up and I feel that my enthusiasm will return as I always enjoy the sessions once I am there. I feel its just my old habits and behaviours telling me that there are lots of things I could be doing instead of looking after myself!

    2. After the first few weeks of changing my diet and this hasn’t been anything drastic, I just have been noticing and logging what I have been eating and trying to limit the sugary or ready-made quick fix foods that I often reached for in my work day. I have noticed that the cravings for this type of food is subsiding and it’s getting easier for me to choose something else.

    3. I feel better in myself, this is a difficult one to explain as its just my sense of overall well-being, but I have noticed I am less tired during the day and I am sleeping better most nights. I am pleased with this as I feel that at this stage, I have only made small changes to my diet and routine. The gym with Louis is only twice a week currently. I certainly believe that for myself trying to change too much and do too much, too quickly was one of the reasons I have struggled to keep going before and often slipped back into my old habits (although I also realise it is only the 3rd week!)

    4. I feel my body is changing shape and I certainly have less aches and pains. I used to experience lower back pain quite often when sitting at my desk for long periods of time, as I sit here writing this, I can’t remember feeling that pain for a couple of weeks which is great for my mindset and how I interact with people around me.

    5. Finally, I feel that my mood has lifted even higher. I am no longer experiencing the sugar crashes or lethargy in the afternoons that I was three weeks ago, and I generally feel more motivated and enthused to do more away from work and with the people around me.

    So overall on reflection, although people said that this was the wrong time of year to start this etc it has been a positive experience so far and one I am keen to keep up with over the Christmas period too. It has made me realise that the small changes matter both in our mental and physical health and it can be incorporated into our days if we have the right support and encouragement and the desire to change is there.

    I understand that not everyone will be fortunate to have access to a personal trainer and this is the first time I have ever used one, but when I think about all those months of wasted gym memberships and failed attempts at getting fitter, I could have used a personal trainer ten times over!

    I hope you are enjoying reading these blogs and updates as much as I have begun to enjoy writing them. Look out for number 5 in the series.