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  1. Stress and Stress Awareness day

    National stress awareness day 1st November 2017

    Stress is our body’s way of letting us know that something isn’t quite right. When we feel threatened our bodies release stress hormones including adrenaline and cortisol which help our bodies get ready to act. Stress awareness day is your day to start looking after yourself and to start addressing the stress factors in your life. Failing to deal with stress effectively can lead to a decline in your health and is known for causing increased blood pressure and other health issues.

    There are lots of ways to deal and cope with stress and the issues it brings including regular exercise and a better healthier diet. Many people find ways of dealing with their stress but sometimes you just can’t find a way to ease the stresses that you are under and it can feel all too much to deal with.

    There are various things you can do to ease the amounts of stress you find yourself under. Talking to friends or loved ones can be a great help but here at Horizon counselling ltd we know this isn’t always possible for people to do. We have experienced therapists who are here to listen to you and your worries and concerns without making judgements. Our therapists will offer you a listening ear and advice on how you can ease the stresses you are feeling and finding yourself under.

    Visit to book yourself a free initial consultation to discuss how we can help you ease your stress levels with one of our trained counsellors or book yourself in for one of our relaxing aromatherapy massages to help ease some of your tensions with our Aromatherapist – Ann.

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