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  1. The road to better health and wellbeing pt2

    Part 2
    Do you have difficulties finding the motivation to change things in your life? As we know our health and wellbeing is much more than just going to the gym or dieting etc, its about looking after as many things as you can to ensure a more balanced lifestyle.
    Paying attention to your sleep patterns, fitness (on whatever level is right for you), diet, work life balance, socialising and relaxing can add stress to our lives!

    I have been looking for 6 months or more for someone to work with myself and the people I support, who has similar morals and values to myself and who has the knowledge and expertise that I don’t have but need to understand and learn to change the things I want to change in my life.

    I have used gyms in the past and read different things online, in magazines and books and taken advice from others who had experience in fitness and exercise but could never quite achieve the results I wanted to improve my health and mindset. I always struggled to keep the motivation and enthusiasm for these changes and over time I would slip back into my own ways, the gym membership would still be taken out of my bank each month and my diet would return to the same if not worse than before I started.

    So here I am getting older, health deteriorating, struggling at time with the work life balance everyone talks about, worried over money, my family etc etc With, my knowledge of the brain and emotional health and wellbeing I also understand that it is me that must change and ensure that these changes I make are long term.
    So, I decided that to support the changes I want to make for my health, I needed an expert! If my car breaks down, I’ll go to a mechanic, if I need my boiler fixing, I would employ a plumber etc etc.

    Then I met Louis from Lemon Frog fitness and I could see that what he offers in his gym and training sessions would help support me in making the changes I want to make. Louis’s approach is very down to earth and encouraging, he explains what I need to do and why in a language that I can understand, and which encourages it to fit it into my busy life.
    I have begun a 10-week training programme with Louis so that I can make the changes I want but also so that I can tell others how I found the process, what worked for me and what didn’t and of course tell you the results!

    My next blog will be about the first week of my training and I hope you enjoy it.