Online, telephone or video counselling

Counselling is not just about face-to-face appointments. Our counsellors now offer sessions through online video platforms or appointments by telephone.

Even though you’re not in the same room or visiting a therapy room, the counsellor can still help you to explore how you’re feeling, understand what you are going through and support you to make the changes in your life if you want.

We offer online/video or telephone counselling appointments because it’s easier for you to access and could fit in with your lifestyle, family life or working hours better.

The coronavirus pandemic and Government restrictions have meant that the option of accessing support face to face can sometimes be difficult, so we are pleased to be able to support you in this flexible and convenient way.

What to expect from
telephone or video

When undertaking and arranging telephone counselling with someone, we would like to ensure the conversation will be private and safe. This would mean you having a suitable and private space from which to undertake the session.

In other words, a confidential and quiet space to speak from, where you will not be interrupted or overheard.

For video calls, we only use secure and encrypted web platforms and suggest that the clients use a laptop, computer, or tablet if possible (and you may need to make sure that your device’s microphone and camera are working). Stabilising the device on a flat surface rather than holding it, will help in minimising disruption or distraction.

There will be a discussion in the first session around what would happen if the video or telephone calls are disrupted and we would also require the same personal details from the client as we would during a face to face appointment for example an emergency name and contact number, as well as GP details.

Sometimes people meet their counsellor in person first for an assessment. Others prefer telephone from the outset – for both assessment and talking through how it will work.

An important part of counselling is that you feel heard and understood. This is no different for face-to-face, online, and telephone counselling.

The sessions – however they are carried out – should offer you a safe space to talk about your feelings without judgment.

If you’re worried about changing from face-to-face to online or telephone counselling, talk to your therapist or service provider about your concerns. They can answer any questions you may have and help support you through the transition.


Initial Consultation £40
Length of Session: 55 mins

Cost per therapy Session:

  • Individual £55

  • Couple £80

  • Family £80

A discount is offered to all armed forces and emergency services personnel, NHS staff, university staff, and students.