Relationship Breakdown Counselling – No matter what type of relationship you are in—be it a friendship, romantic relationship, or even a familial relationship—the one thing that is common between all types of relationships is their need for constant work and maintenance. There are many things that can cause relationship deterioration and eventual breakdown, and there is no quick fix or guaranteed perfect way to repair or prevent such damages. Also, not every relationship should be saved, as is the case with abusive or toxic relationships. However, the counsellors at Horizon Plymouth can work to help these processes and encourage growth, healing, and a mutually beneficial relationship for both parties whenever possible.

Signs of potential relationship breakdown

When you are aware for signs of potential relationship breakdowns, you can take steps to remedy the decline and strengthen your existing relationships. Although every relationship looks different, there are common signs that might appear to indicate that the foundation of the connection could use some work.

  • Spending less time together: While this could also just be a sign of busy lifestyles or conflicting schedules, if you notice that someone you used to spend a lot of time with is rarely around, it might be a sign that something needs attention or work within the relationship.
  • Frequent arguments: Having repeated arguments about the same thing can be a sign of unresolved issues that may not even be related to the topic of the argument.
  • There is decreased or diminished intimacy: This doesn’t have to just apply to physical intimacy in a romantic relationship—it can also mean a lack of closeness within a friend or family relationship. When someone no longer feels comfortable being vulnerable around someone else, it can be a sign that trust has begun to deteriorate.
  • Excuses just keep coming up: This can be excuses about why plans fell through, why someone acted in a negative or unsupportive way, or why they were not there for you when they needed to be. When people stop putting in the effort to do the little things and support others whenever possible, it can be a sign that something is not right.

Steps to avoid relationship breakdowns

Whether or not you feel that your relationship is deteriorating, you can still take steps to strengthen the bond between you and your friend or family member. Although not every relationship can or should be saved, often it is worth the time to repair the relationship and keep the individual in your life.

  • Be intentional about spending quality time with each other—put the phones and screens away and have a conversation!
  • Set aside time to be vulnerable and unafraid to discuss things that are hard to talk about or problems within the relationship.
  • Do not take your friend or partner for granted. Make an effort to show your appreciation for them in little ways whenever possible.
  • Work together to build mutual trust and communication to promote healthy conflict resolution and support of each other.

Many people find that counselling can be an effective way to help work through complicated feelings within a relationship, as well as objectively analyse and rectify your own traits that might be contributing to the decline. These services can be beneficial for individuals who are currently experiencing relationship decline and wish to repair what has broken down, as well as those who simply want to strengthen an existing healthy relationship. If these services sound like something that you or someone you know would benefit from, the experienced counsellors at Horizon Plymouth would love to help you work towards strengthening existing relationships and repairing or preventing relationship breakdowns. Don’t wait—contact Horizon Plymouth today to schedule your initial consultation.

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