Self Harm Counselling Plymouth – Self-harm behaviours are those in which individuals cause intentional harm to themselves. These behaviours can take many forms, some being more high-risk than others, but all self-harming behaviour is serious and needs to be addressed with the help of a licensed counsellor. Usually, those who engage in these behaviours are using them as maladaptive coping strategies to deal with incredible amounts of internal pain and turmoil, and it is difficult to learn to deal with these emotions in a healthy way alone. Most self-harm falls into two categories—physical and psychological. 

Physical: When people think of self-harm, they often imagine physical versions such as cutting, burning, or scratching. These actions, which are typically seen in younger individuals, usually leave visible marks on the skin and may be initially hard to spot, as individuals will hide them in areas that are typically covered with clothing, or else wear long pants and sleeves. 

Psychological: Psychological self-harm includes behaviours such as drinking to excess, drug use, risk-taking activities, binge eating and other dangerous activities. Due to the nature of these actions, they are more commonly seen in adults who have more ready access to drugs, alcohol and many other harmful substances. Although psychological self-harm can be very blatant in certain situations, some individuals are incredibly adept at concealing their behaviours so that their family and friends are unaware. 

Although anyone who is under a great deal of emotional turmoil can resort to self-harm, certain populations are more at risk for developing these behaviours. Women and girls tend to resort to self-harm more than men, and it is likewise more prevalent in younger age groups. Additionally, those who have been through an enormous amount of trauma or who experience stigma and discrimination are more likely to self-harm, including prisoners, abuse victims, veterans and survivors of traumatic events. However, it is important to remember that although certain groups are more at risk of self-harm, these maladaptive behaviours can manifest in anyone of any age. 

How can self harm counselling in Plymouth help? 

Self-harm is often used subconsciously by individuals to attempt to cope with or manage uncontrollable or overwhelming emotions. It can be an unhealthy manifestation of intense inner turmoil or pain. Working with one of the licensed and experienced counsellors at Horizon Plymouth can help individuals struggling with self-harm to begin to unravel the feelings that they are attempting to mask. Because these feelings can be so tangled that it seems as though the only way out is through causing bodily harm, the guidance of a counsellor is often necessary to begin to move forward and heal. 

Horizon Plymouth counsellors understand that it takes a great deal of courage to reach out for help and to begin implementing actions that promote a positive change in your life. We strive to help guide you in your journey in a way that is supportive, personalized and sensitive to your individual needs and goals. We are here to help you without judgement, as our main goal is to see you return to a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle. The journey is never easy, which is why it is so beneficial to seek the help of experienced and specialised counsellors when it comes to unravelling the emotions behind self-harming behaviours. 

If you believe that someone you know may be in danger of self-harm, don’t wait. Reach out to seek help or medical attention for them as soon as you suspect. If you are personally struggling with thoughts of self-harm, contact a free helpline and reach out for immediate assistance. Horizon counsellors are here to help you through anything that you are dealing with, no matter how insurmountable it feels. Don’t wait, schedule an initial consultation with one of our expert therapists today. 

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