Introduction: Alan Stokes

Alan is our director and founder of Horizon Counselling Services. He’s adapt at being able to adjust his techniques in order to help you and ensuring he’s given you the best chance possible.

Introduction: Mark Jeffery

Mark is our lead therapist and is trained as both a relationship counsellor and a family and young person counsellor. He has a passion for seeing other people change and develop makes him a valuable asset to the team.

Services We Can Offer You

We offer the following services – Health Anxiety, Anger, Family Issues, Stress, Bereavement, Self Harm, Young People, Depression, Domestic Abuse, Anxiety and Relationships.

The History of Horizon Counselling Services

Alan founded Horizon Counselling Services over 5 years ago and has seen the business rapidly grow since. By surrounding himself with trusted and valuable therapists, Alan has developed a trusted practice.

The Benefits of Accessing Our Services

Alan talks us through the benefits of using Horizon Counselling Services. As a private practice, we can normally offer an appointment within the following 48 hours, however we can always guarantee an appointment within the next 7 days.

Young People Counselling

Mark has done additional training in order to be a young people counsellor and is always willing and ready to help you when you’ve reached a barrier you can’t seem to overcome.