Way To Improve A Relationship – If someone were to ask you to rate your relationship: How would you rate yours on a scale of between 1-10? So if you were to answer “5” or less, you would probably think that your relationship would need some working on.

Would you describe your life with your significant other as a routine? Nothing is more boring than a stagnant relationship. Here’s ten easy ways to give your relationship a little OOMPH! 

  1. Make time for each other.

Absence so they say will make the heart grow fonder, but that doesn’t mean that your relationship is likely to thrive without any time devoted to it.  Life gets busy, especially if you have kids/school/a job/a second job and God forbid, ALL THESE THINGS; but your relationship is a priority no matter how full your plate may be. Try if you can to set aside 10-minutes a day, almost use it as a mini-date if you like, where you can snuggle up with your partner, take a quick walk or have some ice cream, or whatever you both enjoy, the benefits of this are immense and after doing this for a short while you will start to look forward to this.

  1. Have a date-night.

Dinner-and-a-movie is a staple for a reason (because it’s fun), but it can grow stale without the occasional mix-up. For example: You could grab coffee or a hot chocolate, go to a park on a breezy day and find yourself with a perfect excuse to cuddle.

  1. Take an adventure.

Do something exciting together! You could take a cruise, go on a road-trip, jump out of a plane, visit a rain forest, or climb Mt. Everest (bit extreme I know but you get the idea). But planning it together will give you that commonality and create that connection between you, and could bring you closer together as a result.

  1. Learn something new.

Tackle a hobby of mutual interest with your partner. Whether you want to learn to speak another language, become a contestant on a game show or start a new hobby it is up to you. Challenging yourselves to grow will strengthen your bond and shake-up your ho-hum love life.

  1. Create a Bucket List.

Make a list of all the crazy, ambitious, and wonderful things you want to do with your partner. Be happy you have someone to share your life with. Take small steps to make your Bucket List items happen.

  1. Count to 10 when you’re angry.

There is no reason to bottle up our feelings in relationships. I know you might be intimidated by conflict, but there is no hiding from it. Sure, you could just keep saying “nothing is wrong,” but that would only delay the inevitable. Feelings that are held in, internalized have a way of building into something big. So, if something has annoyed you, take a deep breath and let’s deal with it:

If you find words escaping your lips, you know one of those hurtful comments that you’re going to regret saying later, hold it in and count to ten. Breathe in. Breathe out. Still want to say it? Go for it. Not so much? Crisis averted.

  1. See it from the other side.

“It was a great surprise to me when I discovered that most of the ugliness I saw in others was a reflection of my own nature” Gandhi

Before you criticize another person, take a second to look at the scenario from their perspective. Most people act the way they do for a reason. See yourself in their eyes to make sure the problem isn’t your own.

  1. Give and receive.

Did you get a wonderful back rub after a rough day at the office? Return the favour (or surprise your partner with a tasty dessert or coffee at work). A perceived imbalance in who puts the most into your relationship can make a person upset quicker than you would think. Split chores and housework fairly, take turns deciding what to have for dinner, and aim for equality in your relationship.

  1. Express yourself

You can’t expect your partner to know something is wrong if you don’t tell them. Expressing your feelings is so important (especially if you’re being asked “What’s wrong?” repeatedly). Confrontation isn’t fun but it’s also unavoidable sometimes. Dragging out a fight is just going to place unnecessary strain on your relationship, so get it over with and express yourself.

  1. Appreciate each other.

What do you find sexy or handsome about your partner? Do they have any quirks you find wonderful? What is the sweetest thing they ever did for you? Sometimes, we’re so busy focusing on our partner’s negative traits that we forget to appreciate what we have and what made us fall in love with them in the first place.

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