Feeling anxious about an impending job interview, an important test, or an uncomfortable confrontation is not uncommon, or even abnormal. However, when that pervasive sense of unease and discomfort becomes chronic and begins to impact an individual’s daily life it is known as general anxiety disorder, a condition that usually requires counselling to overcome. Because the feelings of anxiety that are experienced are typically uncontrollable and entirely out of proportion to the initial cause (if there is an identifiable cause or trigger), counselling for general anxiety disorder can help the individual get control of their thoughts and regain mental peace and clarity. It is a common condition that should be taken seriously because of the potentially severe impacts that it can have on an individual’s life and mental health. Fortunately, the expert counsellors at Horizon Plymouth have the knowledge and experience to help anyone struggling with the effects of general anxiety disorder. 

Symptoms to watch out for

Anxiety causes changes in your body such as elevated heart rate, slowed digestion, and high blood pressure, which normally is not an issue for typical passing episodes of anxiety that normalise over time. However, those battling this disorder experience these physical symptoms every day, often developing into chronic issues affecting both the physical and mental health. There is no physical trigger and symptoms are persistent and ongoing. Because of this, symptoms are incredibly varied, including but not limited to some or all of the following: 

  • Tendency to catastrophize seemingly innocuous situation
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Problems connecting with others in order to form meaningful relationships
  • Constant feelings of dread or unease that do not have an identifiable cause or occur out of proportion to other events
  • Difficulty relaxing or constantly being “wound up”
  • Heart palpitations and shortness of breath
  • Digestive upset
  • Persistent or recurring headaches

These symptoms impact all areas of an individual’s life, from their job to their relationships to their leisure activities, and it is this persistent impact on day-to-day life that sets general anxiety disorder apart from temporary anxious thoughts or even someone with a naturally nervous disposition. 

Counselling for general anxiety disorder

General anxiety disorder is different from other anxiety disorders such as panic disorder or phobias, which means that the counselling approach must be different as well. Treatment is individualised to the person, focusing on their specific struggles and working to reframe their thoughts surrounding anxiety-inducing situations. Because there are so many potential physical and mental effects, your Horizon Plymouth counsellor will work to understand the specific struggles and impacts that you are experiencing and work with you to overcome them. Oftentimes, as you overcome an obstacle, you will discover that your anxiety is also affecting you in another way. Counselling helps you adapt to these constant changes and understand that the impacts that anxiety has on your life are not insurmountable. 

Because the feelings of general anxiety disorder are so persistent, many people begin to feel hopeless, believing that there is no way out of their distress. And, while it is true that there isn’t always have an easy solution, Horizon Plymouth counsellors are here to help you identify the best way to begin to work through your feelings.  

If you or someone you know is struggling with general anxiety disorder, it may seem like there is no way out of the perpetual cycle of looming unease and foreboding. However, there is an answer and help is available for you through the caring experts at Horizon Plymouth. Don’t wait to seek counselling for general anxiety disorder, reach out to Horizon today to schedule your initial consultation and begin the journey towards the mental peace that you deserve. 

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