Who Are My Clients As A Therapist – At Horizon Plymouth, one of the things that we love the most about our jobs as counsellors is our ability to help such a wide range of individuals. When answering the question “who are your clients,” the amazing thing about therapy is that we can accurately and honestly answer, “anyone and everyone!” Therapists see individuals and groups throughout all walks of life, from the very old to the very young, and offer preventative services as well as helping people who are dealing with a myriad of mental health issues. The beauty of counselling is that it is one hundred percent customisable and individualised to your specific needs, meaning that strategies and techniques used by your therapist can be uniquely applied to your specific situation. Included below are three examples of different populations that therapists routinely serve, demonstrating the breadth that counselling can have.  

Vulnerable adults 

Vulnerable adults are classified as adults who might need community care services due to disability, mental health issues, or other factors. Often these individuals can be dependent on those around them for the performance of many basic physical functions, making them especially vulnerable to abuse, neglect, or assault from others. The services that counsellors can offer for these individuals include:  

  • Treating mental health conditions  
  • Emotional regulation
  • Recovery from abuse, neglect, or assault 
  • Providing coping strategies 
  • Empowering the individual  


Adapting to civilian life after military service can be difficult—the structure with which you lived your life by for years is suddenly gone and many things that you are used to are simply not understood by those who have not experienced life in the military. Counselling can help you to work through these feelings and process information that you might not have been able to process during adrenaline-charged times in the military. Horizon Plymouth counsellors understand the often unique complexities that surround veteran issues and commonly see difficulties such as:  

  • Emotionally regulating or being prone to frequent outbursts  
  • Dealing with or recognizing symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Re-integrating to civilian life  
  • Finding self-identity and meaning separate from the military  

Children and families  

Life changes such as grief, divorce, moves, or changes of circumstance can often greatly affect family dynamics and the relationships between members. Additionally, life events often impact children much more severely due to their decreased resiliency and fewer coping strategies. Counsellors can work with such populations by helping individuals to talk through and uncover their true feelings regarding a situation, providing a safe place in which to process emotions, or offering unbiased reflections on emotionally charged situations. Some of the instances that families and children might seek the help of a counsellor include:  

  • Divorce/re-marriage  
  • Bullying  
  • Death of a loved one
  • Large moves or abrupt changing of life circumstances  
  • Family dynamics and relationships 
  • Self-efficacy and self-esteem  

This is just a brief snapshot of the variety of clients that a counsellor at Horizon Plymouth might be able to help. Because of the wide range of clients that counsellors can see, some therapists have certain topics that they specialise in. Horizon Plymouth is a team of professional counsellors with a wide range of specialties and areas of expertise. No matter what your situation or what you are struggling with, a member of our team will certainly be able to help, and we take great pains to ensure that our clients are matched with the counsellor best suited to helping them on their mental health journey. If you are wondering if counselling can help, the answer is yes! Reach out to Horizon Plymouth today for more information or to schedule your initial consultation and begin your journey of healing.  

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