The wintery stretch at the beginning of a new year is often a time when relationships may start to show signs of strain, leading many to seek out couples counselling in Plymouth. Any stress that might have built up over the holidays is felt even more acutely during this time as bills and debts pile up, exacerbated by the cold, damp weather. Periods of tension or anxiety are normal in any relationship, and every couple has issues that may become even more prominent in the dreary post-Christmas days. If you and your partner could use a little bit of extra support, it may be beneficial to seek out the guidance of a licensed counsellor to assist you with overcoming these obstacles in a productive, healthy manner. Fortunately, the professionals at Horizon Counselling are experts in couples counselling in Plymouth and can help you to foster a more meaningful, intentional relationship as you enter the new year.

How can couples counselling in Plymouth help?

Couples counselling is an important first step in resolving issues between partners, as it provides both individuals with a safe place to voice their concerns and to feel that they are being heard. If you are considering reaching out to a couples counsellor in light of post-holiday stress, some areas that might be addressed during your session may include:

  • Communication: Open and constructive communication is a key element in any successful relationship. Often, couples push down and bury problems that emerge during the holidays so as not to put a damper on the festivities. However, repressing these feelings can create even more problems down the line, so couples counselling often seeks to create paths of intentional communication that can foster collaboration within the relationship. The professionals at Horizon Plymouth can give you the tools you need to move forward in your relationship with confidence and shared trust based on open and honest communication.
  • Understanding: Often we unconsciously act on our feelings without first exploring their meaning or considering their origin. The holidays can bring up many feelings of stress, isolation, and anxiety—especially if someone has past wounds or an uncomfortable family history—and these unresolved feelings can manifest as tension within the relationship. A counsellor can help the individual begin to work toward emotional healing while fostering an environment of understanding and partnership within the couple dynamic.
  • Finances: Money is huge in any relationship but is often a much more prominent issue in the time after the first of the year as debts begin to pile up and the bills start to come due. Finances can be a difficult and sensitive topic to broach with your partner, especially if there are any earning or spending inequalities that need to be addressed. The counsellors at Horizon Plymouth can help you navigate the feelings that may arise during financial discussions and get to the bottom of any resentment, regret, or stress that is produced, all while providing valuable tools to direct future conversations.

Ultimately, couples counselling in Plymouth can provide extra support to those whose relationships may be feeling the strain of the post-holiday season. No matter what situation you find yourself in as you assess your relationships and look towards the future, it is important to remember that every partnership has its own unique set of strengths as well as challenges. If the obstacles in your relationship appear to be growing more prominent, don’t lose hope. The expert team at Horizon Counselling is well versed in navigating the unique situations that can lead partners to seek out couples counselling in Plymouth and is ready to help support and guide you through the necessary conversations in order to not only reduce stress within the relationship, but also to foster a partnership built on mutual trust and understanding.

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