Counselling for Cyberbullying – The rise of technology and increasing prevalence of young people adept at navigating the Internet has led to an associated increase in cyberbullying. The anonymity provided by a screen has given would-be bullies license to mercilessly torment others, causing trauma and other serious consequences for their victims. Cyberbullying is absolutely unacceptable, and the expert counsellors at Horizon Plymouth are here to help victims work through their terrible negative experiences and begin the journey towards mental healing and recovery. 

What is Cyberbullying 

The limitless nature of cyberspace means that anyone with access to the Internet or a social media account can bully or be bullied, creating countless new avenues for people to be harassed. Although anyone can be the victim of cyberbullying, frequently the individuals who are most affected are children and young adults. This relatively new, horrible form of bullying can take many different avenues, such as cruel “memes” and posts, videos, and nasty comments. Additionally, many people who are bullied online find that they no longer have a safe space to retreat to from the attacks, as the Internet comes with them wherever they go, causing the bullying to feel relentless and furthering the associated mental health damages. 

Effects of Cyberbullying 

Although cyberbullying doesn’t always leave a detectable mark, it is no less serious than a bully tormenting with their fists. The effects of cyberbullying are often invisible, which is frequently why victims feel that they must handle their burdens alone, however, not seeking help when needed can often have disastrous mental and social effects. Children who are being cyberbullied often display a higher prevalence of anxiety and depression, as well as other mental health complications such as post-traumatic stress disorder, eating disorders, or self-harm and substance abuse behaviours. Additionally, these individuals frequently withdraw socially and find it hard to trust those around them and establish relationships, making it difficult for others to know when they need help. 

Cyberbullying is incredibly serious and should be treated as such. Those who are being bullied online are at a much higher risk of suicidal ideation due to the highly personal and relentless nature of the attacks often feeling inescapable. It is important to reach out for help from one of the experienced counsellors at Horizon Plymouth as soon as possible to mitigate any chronic mental health effects from the trauma. 

Counselling for Cyberbullying 

Although counselling can be recommended for both the victim and the bully, typically it is the victim of cyberbullying who is most at risk. Such abuse often has significant mental health effects that make it hard to move forward and leave the bullying in the past. A counsellor with experience in cyberbullying can help the victim to understand the trauma that has happened to them and will provide a safe space to begin working through their feelings in order to move forward. The counsellors at Horizon Plymouth can help the individual heal by working through his or her own unique experiences in a supportive and safe environment. 

If you or someone you know has been the victim of cyberbullying and could benefit from the help of a licensed counsellor in order to move forward, do not hesitate to reach out to the expert therapists at Horizon Plymouth. When it comes to the disastrous effects of cyberbullying, every hour counts, so don’t wait to seek help. Contact Horizon Plymouth today to schedule an appointment and begin your journey towards seeking healing, recovery, and restorative mental clarity as soon as possible. The team at Horizon Plymouth are here for you and you are not alone. 

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