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Sometimes the mental health challenges faced by adolescents can be written off as the unfortunate result of mood swings and hormonal changes associated with growing up. And, while it is certainly true that being a teenager is no easy feat, this does not mean that we should be neglecting the mental health of our young people.

Youth counselling is vital for those who may be dealing with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, or any of the myriad of other struggles that can manifest themselves as a result of the pressures of growing up. In fact, youth are some of the most vulnerable populations when it comes to mental health crises.

Nobody should be expected to deal with these feelings alone, and Horizon Plymouth offers expert youth counselling services that support young people while helping them overcome any obstacles to improving their mental health.

Below are some of the common issues impacting the mental health of young people that can be resolved through the expert youth counselling services offered at Horizon Plymouth.

  • Changes in family life/relationships: As parents get divorced/remarried, siblings move off to university, or the circumstances surrounding family life alter, young people can have a difficult time adjusting to and accepting these changes. A counsellor can help them work through their feelings and come to terms with the new normal of their lives in a healthy manner.
  • Sex and sexuality: Youth counselling can be helpful for young people going through the hormonal surges of puberty or questioning their sexual identity. These sessions can address struggles regarding puberty, sexual risk factors, and improving sexual health—all of which have an enormous impact on the mental health of young people.
  • Emotions following bereavement: Grief is an incredibly powerful emotion, and it is one that even adults require counselling to work through. Horizon’s youth counsellors are experts at providing support for those who have experienced bereavement.
  • Eating disorders: Eating disorders are unfortunately widespread throughout the youth population. Often stemming from bodily dissatisfaction, eating disorders severely impact the emotional and physical health of an individual. Eating disorders can quickly become life threatening, so if you suspect your child of suffering, it is imperative that you reach out to Horizon Plymouth to get them the help they need.
  • Adolescent mental health: Teens and young people need help working through their feelings and supporting themselves in healthy ways just as much as adults. Youth counselling can help them work through issues, develop appropriate responses and reactions, and enact positive change to promote better mental health in their lives.
  • Trauma responses: Therapy for those who have experienced a traumatic event is highly specialized and geared at overcoming that trauma. The youth counsellors at Horizon Plymouth are the experts at trauma-focused therapy and can help them begin to work through their experiences and start to make steps towards recovery.
  • Self-harm: Self-harm in any form at all should be taken very seriously. Youth counselling is necessary to intervene and the Horizon youth counsellors and therapists are experts at supporting young people through these feelings as they work towards reducing the negative outcomes that are often associated with untreated cases of self-harm.
  • Drug/alcohol abuse: Not only can drug and alcohol abuse be life threatening, but it can also have negative and often permanent impacts on the mental health of young people, resulting in increased instances of depression and anxiety. Youth counselling can support their recovery and help them to work through the feelings and emotions that result.

Mental health, especially the mental health of a young person, is something that should be taken seriously. If you believe that your child or loved one could benefit from the youth counselling offered by Horizon Plymouth, don’t hesitate to reach out and book your first appointment, be it virtual or face-to-face.

Our team of expert therapists and counsellors specialized in youth counselling can usually see you within seven days, bypassing the months-long wait times often seen through the National Health Service.

So don’t wait—contact Horizon Plymouth today!

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